About Lu Suay

Lu Suay is a Yoga and Breathwork teacher, she has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2006, although the first steps already appeared in 2002. When she first found out information about a spiritual and yoga teacher Ganga Devi, Lu Suay felt immediately and knew that they would meet one day and learn from her the art of Rajadhiraja Yoga. And it happened in about 3 years, in 2016! Lu Suay arrived in a small, traditional village of Kullu Valley, in the Himalayan mountains of India, to deepen her practice and become a certified yoga teacher. When she first saw Ganga Devi…oh space was filled with peace and a lot of love, ancient wisdom, and pure energy.
Ganga Devi and Lu Suay still maintain contact. Ganga Devi is the most important yoga teacher for her and one of the three most significant teachers, which she had ever met and learned from them.

Ganga Devi – Himalayan Yoga Institute
Boris Tichanovský – healer from Siberia, EPAM Tibetan Medicine, Reiky, Acupuncture, Tai Chi Chuan
Niraj Naik – Soma Breathwork Awakening Meditation


One life-changing experience, after another…

Lu approached Yoga after experiencing meningitis, she was 20 years -g- old (in 2001) A moment that changed a lot, maybe everything. We can also understand that she has returned “home”.

Unexpected as well as the expected journey began to unfold and deepen after a dream that was the most vivid she had ever experienced. March 7, 2006 – it was like a birth….rebirth! It was a profound reminder that there was something more, something behind, deeper! Which she knew, felt, but probably forgot for the moment.
Pulling in with ancient force didn´t take long. Lu with a shaved head leaves the Czech Republic and almost everything that she knew. Connecting to the heart gave her strength. Great adventure, the great unknown, but deep openness and trust, to something Higher…there was no going back.

Nothing had a logical explanation…and therefore she let her heart guide her. For many people she was crazy, but her convictions and belief in her feelings were stronger than anything else. Egypt, Mallorca, Indonesia, these routes opened before her in 2006. In January 2007, she inhaled for the first time in Thailand, which immediately resonated with her. It was like breathing a Homeland, something you know.
“THAT´S RIGHT” – that was the answer. She kept coming back to Thailand for many years! She studied Traditional Thai Massage and other ancient techniques, reflexology, also Thai yoga – Russie Dutton.

Despite all that love for Thailand, however, she also traveled and got to know other countries, cultures, deepened the practice of yoga, meditation, a spiritual path with incredible beings!
Dept discoveries are closely linked to Sri Lanka, India, and Russia (and of course to Indonesia and Thailand).

At this time, Lu lives in Thailand, on the island of Koh Phangan.

She always loved massages, receiving, and giving. As they used to do with the family at home. She knew about Reiki from her mother, as well as working with a pendulum. Yes, her mother is a witch. Lu Suay has also been experiencing lucid dreaming since childhood!

Lu taught massage at a massage school (2007 – 2011) and in this connection also the basics of functional anatomy, health exercises, working with the breath, meditation.
She studied Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture, Tuina. Yes, she was strongly attracted to Asia from the very beginning…
For over 2 years she worked and shared her art in Tatarstan (Russia) as a private masseur, therapist, and trainer.
Lu Suay has been sharing her wealth of knowledge on Yoga Teacher Training Courses and also on Yoga Retreat Vacations.

Today she devotes her time to beginners and also to serious seekers of yoga. Guiding yoga students who desire to take the next step. Connecting to a variety of students with different needs, levels, and abilities. Offers and adapts Rajadhiraja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Breathwork Sessions, Meditations in a Private session, Drop-in classes and Yoga Retreats.
As well as offers consultations based on Chinese Medicine.